How to STALK your victim/Defendant:

Attempted to run over the Government Witness/Informant/Defendant against you with your car.  


When Plaintiff's 1 inch Ziplock Baggie blows into Defendant's yard, write him a notarized letter that you have 1 inch Ziplock Baggies all over your house from "buttons."


But more serious is how Plaintiff Cindy Carol Gregory delighted in having her friends STALK us by driving onto our property with their bright headlights on.  We would get food and fresh water for our dogs after the 11:00 PM news, and they took this opportunity to stalk us. This time I was on the porch in briefs and my wife was in a robe, a few feet from our porch: 


<This is STALKING>

This is a picture from a video frame of the SUV that trespassed and STALKED us on our own property. The driver is wearing a white shirt, and is standing in front of the vehicle, talking to Cindy Gregory, who was standing in her doorway.  This STALKING and harassment of us on our own property was done to cause emotional distress, and served no legitimate purpose, other than for these people's entertainment.

Thank you, CINDY CAROL GREGORY, for putting this in your NOTARIZED LETTER.   

As of November, 2004, Davie Police continue to refuse take a STALKING REPORT. 

Attorney Lee H. Schillinger and Attorney John A. Brekka withheld this letter from their solicited "client" for almost a year, until shortly before the start of the trial - (from trial transcripts)


How to STALK your victim - continued:

Make false police reports, going in to great detail, but later forget and admit in deposition that you really weren't even home! 

MEMO: If you say you saw something in a police report, you have to remember to say that you were there. 


How to STALK your victim - continued:

Crank phone calls:

We received hang-up calls from Cindy C. Gregory's place of employment to our house.  The phone would ring 1 or 2 times, then stop. 

Scott K. Bagwell climbs onto his roof while his friend sits on the peak
with a can of beer.  He and his friend inspected his roof at midnight.
 (That's what he told the judge.)

A closer look at Bagwell's midnight roof inspection and thre man who stalked us.

Bagwell then had a friend install a TV Camera.  This friend of plaintiff bagwell then stalked us with a camcorder on our property, recording our voices.

The TV Camera was then aimed at our bedroom.

When we had a child, Scott K. Bagwell initiated unfounded calls to the Child Abuse Hotline, stating that we had "dangerous/hazardous/radioactive material" in our house on one call, and that we had "7 RABID DOBERMANS" in another call.

Scott K. Bagwell  waves "hello" to victim and his family, especially when we have our toddler and infant with us. He alleged that my wife "flipped off his kid," and he was going to "beat my f**king ass."  But we had been gone all day, and just got home at 10:40 P.M.  As you can see, he does this to us all the time, and is not camera shy.  We refuse to stoop to his level.

Install and aim a video camera at victim's bedroom

Hire a photographer to follow (stalk) victim's family with a camcorder when they get their mail

Play VERY LOUD music over a 2-1/2 yr period, to interrupt their child's naps & sleep 

Hire a photographer to tape victim's family in their yard when they go outside

Make enough noise so your victim has to board-up his child's bedroom window.


Bagwell's party guests threw their beer bottles and trash into our yard, and we found one of our dogs running around with a beer bottle in his mouth the following morning

Call Child Protective Services, and say the victim's child is in danger from his 7 RABID Dobermans, then poison their dogs 

Send your own child over your fence into your neighbor's yard, the yard with the alleged 7 vicious, RABID DOBERMANS.

Stop your car in front of your victim's house, and park there and make his dogs bark.  Don't leave until they stop barking. This time the dogs just stared at him!

Call Code Enforcement so many times that we filed Perjury charges against the head of the department

142nd Ave is a half mile long parking lot on both sides of the street during parties

The parties overflow into the streets.   Even the Rodeo Grounds and Church Carnivals have to close by 11 PM.  Yes, that is a Davie Police Officer with the girl.

Come out on your porch whenever you hear your victim's car start, and show off your "package" while giving his family the finger
During this party, his friends picked fights with other neighbors, but Plaintiffs told  the judge they only had a dozen people present

At a restraining order hearing against these Stalker, the Judge denied the Restraining Order, but said to "get it on videotape" I did


The application of FLORIDA STATE STATUTE 784.048(5) (Stalking of a minor under 16 years of age) to this case has been evaluated and confirmed applicable by Attorney Neal Miller J.D.,  (University of Pennsylvania), Principal Research Associate for the Institute For Law and Justice, Consultant to Federal, State (including Florida), and Local Governments and Agencies.  Attorney Miller  "Wrote The Book" on stalking, and personally wrote the ILJ's Final Report  on Stalking.  His forte includes 42 U.S.C. 1983 litigation.  DAVIE PD WON'T TAKE A REPORT.

Post Script:  Erin was 7 months pregnant with our second child when Scott K. Bagwell stated in this audio clip that he was "thinking of having love with her in his $85,000.00 Mercedes." 

Bagwell - make love to your 7 month pregnant spouse.mp3

He was idling his motorcycle, playing loud music, drinking, and keeping our 2 yr old awake by revving up his cycle's engine, and turning up the volume on his commercial sound system in his garage. This is NOT a "home stereo."  It is the type of system you would find in a club, complete with a boom mounted floor mike. 

The Judge said to get it on videotape at his hearing, so I did what the judge told me to do!

NOTE: The bass was rolled off on this mp3 file, to prevent Bagwell's voice from being drowned out by his running motorcycle and the bass from his sound system.

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