During the 9-11 Crisis, Scott K. Bagwell Prevented The Participation And Possible Rescue Of People Still Alive In The Debris Of The World Trade Center Disaster 

To those who lost loved ones in the 9-11 attack, please keep Scott Kevin Bagwell, Cindy Carol Gregory, and Attorney Marc A. Chandler in mind as you read the letter toward the bottom of this page with references to Osama Bin-Ladin and Saddam Hussein. Then keep in mind Scott Kevin Bagwell's role in inhibiting rescue attempts at the WTC.

Hours after the collapse of the World Trade Center, Mr. LLoyd Phillips placed a call to the FEMA Hotline to alert them of the availability of his completely mobile services of highly sensitive equipment used for detecting extremely weak signals, specifically the oscillators contained in 2-way radios, cell phones, pagers, and other electronic equipment.  These devices did not have to transmit a signal, but merely be turned on to be detected. The equipment could even differentiate a cell phone from a 2-way radio or electronic wrist-watch.

Mr. Phillips had worked on the design team for the development of Motorola's MX-800 Series Portable Radios, Digital Voice Privacy for Government use, Special Products, Pagers, and Technical Operations at Motorola's Plantation Facility.  Mr. Phillips had also held a First Class Federal Communications License since 1966, a License that is no longer available through the U.S. Government.

How sensitive was this equipment? Some of our Clients include Litton PRC (United States Air Force), AT&T Wireless, et., and many other facilities, both Government and Private sector.

This effort was suddenly halted, because Scott Kevin Bagwell initiated the first in a series of unfounded calls to the Child Abuse Hotline, and we had to stay  within the State to falsely be investigated for child abuse. Bagwell later initiated several more calls, months apart, just to harass us.

As part of his continued pattern of Stalking with the auspices of the Davie Police Department, Scott K. Bagwell cut us off by stopping his motorcycle on our private property, to block our gate, and prevent us from entering our home (Police Report Made, September 9, 2001).  We sought a Restraining Order the following day.

At the Restraining Order hearing, Scott K. Bagwell showed up with the same attorney who had lied for him in court, Attorney and Biker Friend, Marc A. Chandler, of the Biker Dou, PAPE AND CHANDLER.  Chandler promptly turned the issue around, stating falsely that a highly sensitivity VISUAL Spectrum Analyzer (a visual device for detecting the presence of Radio Frequency signal(s) over a programmed bandwidth), was also used to listen to Bagwell's private aural telephone conversations.

Attorney Marc A. Chandler was once again allowed by the Association that licensed him, THE FLORIDA BAR, to disgrace his profession, and lie before the court (committing FRAUD UPON THE COURT).  Chandler further lied by stating the victim had a restraining order against him.  

If there was one firefighter, police officer, or civilian with a 2-way radio, cell phone, pager, et.,  still turned on (it didn't have to be transmitting), who was still alive, their chance for detection because of Scott K. Bagwell was nullified by his stalking call to the Child Abuse Hotline, the first of more to come, including having "7 Rabid Dobermans."


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