Davie Police Officer GREGORY JANSEN never wrote a Police Report on the attempt on the life of a Government Witness/Informant by Plaintiffs Scott Bagwell and Cindy Gregory, and Davie Police Chief JOHN GEORGE refused to take an Internal Affairs Complaint against Jansen.

Davie Police Officer Gregory Jansen was dispatched when Plaintiffs tried to run over the defendant with their car.  The Defendant was an FBI Informant/Witness against them, and the former owner of the property, a deported Columbian Alien.

Jansen's Police Report was scheduled to be used in a trial against Plaintiffs Scott Bagwell and Cindy Gregory, but guess what?

OFFICER GREGORY JANSEN NEVER WROTE THE REPORT, and this is not the only report this man has refused to write.

Below is the Dispatch Sheet for this incident.  Florida is one State that you can literally get away with murder.

Davie Police also violated  Florida State Statute 112.533(1).  

The Davie Police Department now seeks to be accredited by CALEA, but Police Chief John George needs to personally review CALEA Chapter 82, especially 82.2.2 - the Chapter on RECORDS.

You are welcome to borrow mine.

82.2.2   "A written directive requires the reporting of every incident in one or more of the following categories if the incident is alleged to have occurred in the agency's service area:

a.   citizen reports of a crime
b.   citizen complaints 
c.   incidents resulting in an employee being dispatched
      or assigned 

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