Legal precedents validating  "Complaint Sites" are constantly increasing.  A good source of top level "Complaint Site" cases can be found at the website of The Law Offices Of PHILLIPS NIZER LLP. 

Locally, we have used the services of Internet Law GURU Attorney MARK GROSSMAN.   Mr. Grossman is highly recommended for all matters concerning Internet Law.  Mr. Grossman chairs the prestigious Technology Law Group of the international Law Firm of Becker & Poliakoff.  

Attorney Mark Grossman authors a "Tech Law" Column, and his article appearing in the April 27, 2003 edition of the Miami Herald came straight to the point about this website

In court against the ACLU, New Jersey Officials  were barred from learning the identity of those who posted unfavorable comments against them on the internet. 

Do YOU think that you are completely anonymous when surfing any internet site? Virtually all websites LOG information for security purposes.  Hackers can be traced using their Internet Service Provider (ISP) information, date, and time.  This is a small sample of what websites automatically log about YOU and the COMPUTER YOU ARE USING: 


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