Plaintiff's 16 yr old Key Witness was OUT OF STATE ON VACATION, while Plaintiffs Scott K. Bagwell and Cindy Carol Gregory admitted in deposition to hacking into Defendant's computer. These illegal acts are permitted by Chief Judge Dale Ross, who has violated Judicial Canon, but seeks to make "examples" out of lawbreakers.

Plaintiffs swore under oath that Robert Thomas Newton Jr. "discovered" and printed the stolen/hacked property they gave to Broward Sheriffs Office Deputies in a police report at 6:30PM.

- but -

Robert Thomas Newton swore under oath and identified the same property and stated that he printed it out at 10:19 PM, 3-1/2 hours AFTER the police officer made the report and took this property in as evidence.

Because of this discrepancy, the "evidence" had to disappear.  Plaintiff's friend, Detective John Berrena, removed all evidence from the Broward Sheriff's Office Property Room in December of 1997 (Evidence Tampering), and returned it in 1999, after the trial, with the chain of custody ERASED.


Plaintiff's 16 yr old Key Witness was OUT OF STATE


These pictures were taken from the home of a police officer friend, who called me on the phone to "come over and bring a camera."  Key Witness Robert Thomas Newton was rewarded with scuba-diving in the Plaintiffs' pool for his PERJURY hours after his deposition.   Plaintiffs were not home.

Robert Thomas Newton Jr. and his step-father/witness must have also forgotten there was a police header for "DUMPING" when an officer was dispatched because they dumped plaintiffs grass clippings in a nearby canal.